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The Time of Renewal

Well, today's the day! Valley of Renewal, the final volume of Future's Birth, is hitting shelves, both digital and otherwise, so pick up your copy at bookseller of choice! Bringing this series in for a landing has been a labor of utmost love, and it's provided an immense creative garden for further projects to germinate in the years to come. As the world of Deyrnas embarks on a new era, I'll be taking a bit of a breath. My next book truly opens up the much broader world (for which readers of Valley may pick up on some easter eggs), though chapters won't start dropping on Patreon weekly immediately. In the intervening time of sabbatical, I'll be rehosting episodes of the (Tem)Portalers podcast made with my wife and friends, as well as sharing any poems or short stories that may trickle out of my brain. My boundless gratitude goes out to everyone who's been a part of this journey, and who continues to support my creative endeavors. What comes next is the culmination of everything that's gone before. Seth

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