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Last Intentions

A Futuristic Sci-Fi Thriller
First Impressions 3-D.png

First, Impressions

Ever found yourself dropped into a room where everything is trying to kill you, only to escape into the streets of Boston and have the first person you meet turn out to be a reverse cyborg?

My name is Claire Jemima Stevens, and this is just one of those days.  I’m not sure who I am or how I got here, but that’s going to change.  I have a name, a recording of the man who stole my life, and the memory of a boy with a kind, jagged face.

All I have to do is find him.

First, Impressions

Second, Ambitions

So I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a crazy few days. Waking up with no memory, meeting an eccentric robot-human hybrid intent on helping me find answers, discovering that I was part of a secret organization that wants to bring the whole planet under heel through controlled terrorism… It’s a bit to take in.

But now I get to fight back, and if I’m going to have any chance of bringing my old bosses down, I’ll need a few more hands—preferably ones as skilled as mine.

Now might be a good time to see what my old teammates are up to.

Second Ambitions 3-D.png
Second, Ambitions
Third Convictions 3-D.png

Third, Convictions

Turns out that globe-spanning organizations who’ve spent billions running the world from the shadows don’t just back down when you start poking the hornet’s nest.  Who knew?

They’ve screwed up, though. Even after all my friends and I have torn down, they continue to underestimate us. We know the truth about them; everything they’ve done.

And we’re going to end it.

Third, Convictions
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