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Seasons of Light

A Science Fantasy Adventure
Taovan 3-D.png

Taovan: Awaken

In the heart of a forgotten continent, a spark ignites in the strangest of places. . .

Nadon-Kesh grows up like any other child abandoned to the Saget riverbank, but his life takes a dangerous turn when the Supremacy, the tyrannical force enslaving the realm, drives him from his home.  Thrust into the dangerous world beyond the riverbank alongside his closest friends, Nadon learns of his place in an age-old conflict that may change the face of the land forever.

Ensnared in the battle to reclaim a kingdom, Nadon struggles to harness a rising power within in the hope of saving his family from destruction.  But, as his dark legacy threatens to destroy the land itself, Nadon discovers that it may not always be possible to escape one’s fate.

Taovan: Awaken

Emityon: Evolve

A new threat emerges, and the darkness can no longer be contained. . .

Under the command of its bloodthirsty general, the Supremacy joins forces with a deadly new ally, unleashing carnage with fanatical precision.  With war spreading to all corners of Atala, Nadon undergoes a dark metamorphosis; one that threatens to fracture the already-cracking continent and to undermine Nadon’s very humanity.

As he alienates those around him and more earth-shattering secrets are revealed, Nadon fights to overcome the darkness inside and to stem the tide of annihilation.  In the end, however, there is only one choice to be made, and Nadon must decide what matters to him most--survival or victory.

Emityon 3-D.png
Emityon: Evolve
Vysea 3-D.png

Vysea: Ascend

In the fight to save a dying land, can there still be a victor?

Their champion lost, those who still stand against the Supremacy fight on in the wake of their latest defeat. Cornered at last, and with no hope of escape, those Nadon left behind must unite the land against a common foe. It’s become a war of survival, but, when things are at their darkest, hope returns to rally Atala’s defenders for one final, desperate gambit.

With the noose ever-tightening, Nadon’s family is pushed to their limit, and, as the earth crumbles and the conflict of the millennium comes crashing down around them, a fatal truth is revealed; only those already lost may escape the impending destruction.

Vysea: Ascend
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