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All right, so I don't make a point of letting my facial hair flourish especially in the eleventh month, but here's an idea of how it progresses between trimmings every lunar cycle or so. Plus, I've been told I need to have my face on the internet more. Consider this the dipping of a toe in such turbulent waters for one so emotionally opposed to having his likeness captured, I guess? I may even attempt videos, at some point. Pardon me while I shudder at the audacity of it.

In actual updates, the month's been a strained one, health-wise, disrupting for me what momentum my fellow novelists seem to find this time of year. Progress does continue on both releases planned for 2024, however, and the brain sparks to and fro upon having Future's Birth fully launched.

Backlog episodes of (Tem)Portalers continue to drop tabletop roleplaying fun on Patreon and Spotify (where one can apparently listen to all of my audiobooks as part of a subscription model now?), and I've enjoyed sharing nascent worldbuilding lore with followers. What do things like the economy and scientific advancement look like in the far-flung future of Deyrnas? These are apparently questions I like to ponder.

Wishing you all warm and restorative holidays,


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