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Seasons of Light Novelettes

More Fantasy Adventures in Atala

Kalidarn: Enshroud

The long war is over, but Frenter, leader of Atala’s armies, has one more mission to complete.

Evil threatens to return to the infant kingdom, and the general has been called upon to preserve the fragile peace. Weary and long past his prime, Frenter must take up his sword one last time if the land is to have any hope of a future.

But the price of peace is a costly one, and the debt is not yet paid.

Kalidarn: Enshroud

Cyfiawn: Vindicate

A killer is loose in Masand's city, his wife is slipping away, and his solution for either problem may have shattering repercussions.


With his loyalties torn between his people, his king, and the woman he loves, Masand knows that the rest of his life hinges on the choices he will make on this, his darkest of nights...

Cyfiawn: Vindicate

Nimeroth: Perceive

After years of feeling like a stranger among her own people, Sernah has finally left Doven Nyot behind in search of purpose, hoping to find it among those who seek to break the Supremacy's hold over the land.


Alone and far from the life she knew, Sernah must keep her wits about her if she is to have any chance of navigating the treacherous world beyond her city. For the Supremacy has eyes all around, and even those who proclaim their friendship may herald the dangers that lurk in the shadows.

Nimeroth: Perceive

Berathas: Restore

All Othenah has wished for since childhood is blissful anonymity, but it’s hard to convince people that you’re a normal person when you happen to be the heir to a lost kingdom; the last beacon of hope for thousands in a long exile. 


And, just when obscurity can seem no more tantalizing, dark whispers reach the ears of Rimshad’s enemies.  Helvan, a lethal, faceless assassin, has resurfaced, meaning that his target is already marked for death.  With the truth of her heritage dangling her before the world like bait on a hook, Othenah’s life is about to become far more pivotal than she ever thought possible.

Berathas: Restor

Sirenor: Endure

In a land that trembles at the touch of the gods, Corik dares to hope for a bright future.


But such thoughts seem far from reality when his fellow Wanderers wallow in fear, promoting the dark ways of old--a path of blood and madness. Assailed by doubts, Corik’s faith will be tested, and the future he seeks to secure may call for sacrifice before the end.

Sirenor: Endure
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