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Future's Birth

A High Fantasy Quest
Nest of Intrigue 3-D.png

Nest of Intrigue

A wilderling, a street urchin, and a blacksmith’s son; this town will take whatever heroes it can get.

When a small town on the edge of the continent is ready to break under the weight of its greed, mistrust, and prejudice, three untested strangers are brought together to combat the coming darkness. One is only searching for clarity beyond her forest home, another wants nothing more than solitude to study the truth behind her painful past, and the third is simply doing his best to appear human.
But if the town of Dragon’s Nest is to survive, all three will need to set aside their doubts and uncover the dark secrets beneath the stony streets, as well as those above. The path to a world’s future begins here.

Nest of Intrigue

Isle of Storms

One evil is defeated, but the world is larger than the struggles of a single town.

In the wake of a devastating attack, Dragon’s Nest and its newly-proclaimed heroes seek to secure the safety of the weakened town, looking to sea for potential allies. 
Brought together by circumstance, Jack, Allie, and Tanner join forces once more, traveling to the island of Nisaim off the western coast of Covorum, hoping to secure the aid of the island’s self-proclaimed captain Lenmoir, and to dissuade Lenmoir from any designs he might have on the vulnerable Dragon’s Nest. 
Nisaim holds more players than the three companions anticipate, however, and even the most promising offer of friendship may be nothing more than a play for dominance of not only Nisaim, but the entire region.

Isle of Storms 3-D.png
Isle of Storms
Keep of Shadows 3-D.png

Keep of Shadows

Still grappling with the darkness they encountered on Nisaim, Jack, Tanner, Allie, and their new friend Gefnar are merely seeking a moment of peace back in the safety of Dragon’s Nest.

But the band’s alliance of happenstance is solidified when an ancient face of evil imparts them with a dangerous task. And, with the town they’ve worked so hard to safeguard held for ransom, refusal is not an option.

Thrust into the world far beyond the walls of Dragon’s Nest, the heroes begin to learn of Covorum’s past and present, and how the two might intertwine. In such dangerous times, however, it may prove impossible to fulfill their duties toward the greater good and still protect the helpless innocents around them.

Keep of Shadows

Glade of Harmony

When kings summon,
even the prideful are curious.

Back in the age where they belong, Jack, Tanner, Allie, and Gefnar have bid farewell to their friends in the lawless lands of Varbius, only to encounter an old acquaintance; one who extends to them a curious invitation from the eagleblood king, Shanedir.

Intrigued, and assured that the requested detour will not delay them long, the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest agree to meet with Shanedir, a man strangely intent on uniting all the half-breed nations under a banner of peace.

But Shanedir’s vision may prove too good to be true. Forces are at play both for and against the half-breed alliance, and not all may have the decency to show their true face. As Shanedir’s honored guests seek to uncover the truth, both of the land beneath their feet and of concealed plans contrary to Shanedir’s, they begin to learn that interspecies relations can be simpler, and yet far more unpredictable, than they could have grasped.

Glade of Harmony 3D.png
Glade of Harmony
Crest of Power 3D.png

Crest of Power

No more stumbling into political turmoil.
Not when there’s a war on…

Wizened and invigorated by their losses, fears, and ultimate triumph in the elven ruins of Kadason, the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest seek to continue the mission of their looming benefactor by traveling on to the magic-infused stronghold of Falcon Crest.

Arriving in the great city, however, they find its people as distrusting of outsiders—especially those of half-breed blood—as they are enamored with their protectors; the Samanir Order and its champions.

Allie, meanwhile, soon unearths details of her past that throw everything she thinks she’s learned about her nature into question, as well as the course of her future. With new allies made and even the most trusted of heroes possibly concealing secrets to shake the foundation of Falcon Crest and Covorum beyond, each of Entohika’s emissaries will be forced to question what they value most, before their own inaction might claim it from them. 

Crest of Power

Forest of Dynasties

The time has come for new leadership…

Falcon Crest and its hidden machinations have taken much from the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest, but the cost just might not have been for nothing. Change is on the horizon in the form of holding the powerful to task and the possible formation of a new royal lineage.

The burden of completing the task for ancient, now revealed entity, however, soon pushes Jack, Tanner, Allie, and Gefnar back out across a war-torn continent, and new obstacles arise. Samanir forces are now guided by a different hand, one that seeks to gather half-breed factions for peace talks, in hopes of bringing the fighting to a speedy close.

But many have plans for the future of all half-breeds, including new allies and old enemies. And if Jack is to keep her people, both those of blood and those of duty sworn, from harm, she may have to take irrevocable steps on the path fate has laid before her.

Forest of Dynasties 3D.png
Forest of Dynasties
Tower of Memories 3D.png

Tower of Memories

Greatest of spires, the past held within
to shape the future…

Divided and coping with loss, the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest must learn to carry on in their task to keep their home safe while on separate paths. The grand city of Lorsyn awaits three travelers, while the fourth is compelled to return to those who share her blood, in championing those who carry none of it.

Trials await before either endeavor is to be concluded, and a one-time street urchin will have to reconcile with dark days long past, if there’s to be hope in the ones to come. Lorsyn is in need of champions to unshackle its people from a gluttonous tyrant, and a Theikour’s will may be realized, before the end.

But even more forces are at play than any new arrival might suspect, and a great sacrifice may have to be made before either those of elven blood are raised up, or those with foul designs on all of Deyrnas are cast down.

Tower of Memories
Sanctuary of Shrouds

Sanctuary of Shrouds

There’s more to this world than everything it has lost.

Gathered to serve the people of Deyrnas once again, the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest must now look to a future which already has numerous designs upon it. Some seek to reclaim lost glory, others want only to preserve what they have, and a brave few still hope to salvage something new and better.

The new weight that Allie bears, meanwhile, sends the powerful mage and her friends back to where she first learned to harness her magic, seeking aid, insight, and a hopeful apology from her first mentor.

But Arinak Sanctuary may be the gateway to far more secrets than anyone could have foreseen, and, as the world braces to resume an age-old confrontation, bonds of friendship, brotherhood, and even those within oneself will be tested as never before.

Sanctuary of Shrouds 3D.png
Valley of Renewal
Valley of Renewal 3D.png

Valley of Renewal

We have but to remember, to resolve, and to hope.

With the world itself in flux, those called to defend it must grieve their losses swiftly and resume the work of protecting all they’ve fought for. Enemies advance on every front, and Covorum’s leaders again find themselves at a disadvantage, due to the opposition’s draconic insight into the rising conflict.

While friends are laid to rest, old promises must also be upheld. Beings of great power await reshaping into their truest forms, and the cost of such complete metamorphoses may prove more painful than the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest could suspect.

A final destiny awaits friend and foe alike, however; a ritual with an expansive ending, long delayed. Only one of the world’s sapient species—one blood of the many—will remain in the looming future, yet the peoples of Deyrnas will have to come together as never before.

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