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The Shroud Has Fallen!

We've got a few things cooking over her at Riverbank Publishing, and this will probably end up being my busiest year in a while. First, Sanctuary of Shrouds has completed its Patreon run, and is available in wide release today. Thanks to everyone who's already grabbed a copy and helped to spread the word! For those who haven't yet, pick it up at your bookdealer of choice and prime yourself for the impending final installment in Future's Birth.

Speaking of which, starting the first full week in June, I won't be posting chapters of Valley of Renewal (yep, that's the name of the final book!) every Wednesday. I'll be posting chapters every weekday. This accelerated release schedule will see Valley's wide release happening in August, three months from now, rather than next year. If you've been waiting to begin your Future's Birth journey until the end was in sight, well, this is it!

I've still been prepping future projects, but most of my focus is going into sticking the landing with Future's Birth, for now. That said, I have found some time for games like Pathfinder: Kingmaker (a fun but often frustrating time) this month, as well as continuing my Temeraire, Star Wars, and Star Trek literary journeys. Temeraire continues to be the sweetest death machine, Young Jedi Knights continues to be great fun, and the fallout of the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy continues to intrigue!

Oregon spring may be playing havoc with my sleep and overall mental fortitude, but at least we have strawberries and such on the horizon. Hoping you've all found some joy and creativity within the past month,


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