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'Cept Timber

I dunno. I wanted a pun, and I’ve recently learned the German word for wood in my Duolingo lessons. There are probably a few Holz in my setup, though.

Anyway, the month’s gone pretty well, methinks, between some fun reading through the Star Trek First Splinter Timeline year 2380 as “research” for the Star Trek Adventures game I’m running, chipping away at various creative pursuits, and discovering the joy of both Abbot Elementary and the Swedish version of Taskmaster, Bäst i Test.

I’ve also been asked back to do some more articles for the Expanded Universe website, which celebrates what’s now known as the Star Wars Legends timeline, and that’s got me to thinking that I could share my initial run of those on my blog, for a wider/different audience. So I think I’ll do that. You’ve been warned. The previous batch was about running a roleplaying game in the Legends universe, and now I’m thinking to write about some of the original works of favorite EU authors.

I may have also cleaned up my office a bit, in a fit of procrastination, and I think it’s helped me feel like I have a bit more room for things like LEGOs and random bouts of Nerf target practice. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but micro breaks like that throughout my day have fueled some of my best brainstorms. I’m sure brain doctors know why.

So yeah. Life is good, Sanctuary of Shrouds keeps going up in weekly chapters on Patreon, and somehow the Future’s Birth finale is coming together.

Bring on the fall weather!


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