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Greatest of spires, the past held within to shape the future…

Divided and coping with loss, the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest must learn to carry on in their task to keep their home safe while on separate paths. The grand city of Lorsyn awaits three travelers, while the fourth is compelled to return to those who share her blood, in championing those who carry none of it.


Trials await before either endeavor is to be concluded, and a one-time street urchin will have to reconcile with dark days long past, if there’s to be hope in the ones to come. Lorsyn is in need of champions to unshackle its people from a gluttonous tyrant, and a Theikour’s will may be realized, before the end.


But even more forces are at play than any new arrival might suspect, and a great sacrifice may have to be made before either those of elven blood are raised up, or those with foul designs on all of Deyrnas are cast down.

Tower of Memories - Epub

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