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No more stumbling into political turmoil. Not when there’s a war on…

Wizened and invigorated by their losses, fears, and ultimate triumph in the elven ruins of Kadason, the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest seek to continue the mission of their looming benefactor by traveling on to the magic-infused stronghold of Falcon Crest. Arriving in the great city, however, they find its people as distrusting of outsiders—especially those of half-breed blood—as they are enamored with their protectors; the Samanir Order and its champions.


Allie, meanwhile, soon unearths details of her past that throw everything she thinks she’s learned about her nature into question, as well as the course of her future. With new allies made and even the most trusted of heroes possibly concealing secrets to shake the foundation of Falcon Crest and Covorum beyond, each of Entohika’s emissaries will be forced to question what they value most, before their own inaction might claim it from them. 

Crest of Power - Epub

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