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Tower Launched

And with that, book seven of Future's Birth is out for whatever percentage of the world to (hopefully) enjoy! It took some time, depending on the platform, but now you should be able to acquire the latest chapter in the series in whatever format you prefer from whatever retailer you least despise.

Of course, now we gear up for book eight to start dropping installments on my Patreon. The end is on the horizon as we continue the story of Jack, Tanner, Allie, Gefnar, and the dozens of other characters inhabiting the world in...Sanctuary of Shrouds. Hopefully we'll have some artwork to share with you all soon!

Besides that, I've been chipping away at other creative endeavors, while also enjoying the many books I've managed to get through: continuing Cycles both Aurelian and Pendragon; backtracking through the Double Helix series for context in New Frontier over in the Star Trek Litverse; finding that The Black Fleet Crisis was undersold to me in the Star Wars Legends Universe; and finally getting to the beefy collection of Mass Effect comics I picked up a while back.

Not a horribly productive month, as vacation was taken, but August should see us moving forward with some exciting new stories!


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