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The Eight-armed Grizzly

October always seems to be a strange month for me. On either end of things shifting from hot to cold, or the inverse, sleep, creativity, and self-confidence all seem to take a conjoined dive. But, as I've gotten older, I think I've found myself to be better equipped for the inevitable swaying of the ol' internal balances to match the stuttering environmental shifts, which are rather compounded in my home turf or Oregon. In that vein, while this month may not have been as productive as I would have liked, I still find myself on better footing to spring into...well, fall.

And I haven't been entirely useless this spooky season. Chapters of Sanctuary of Shrouds continue to go up on my Patreon, and I make progress on the audiobook, as well. Past entries have even started going up for free listening on my YouTube channel, and I'm told my books should be showing up on Spotify, as well? Rachel also continues to help bring together hardcover editions of past books, so be sure to check those out if you abhor floppy books!

As far as personal entertainment, I've been profoundly delighted going back to play the classic Ratchet & Clank games. Perhaps some day I'll actually get my hands on a PlayStation 5 and even check out the new one! We also haven't quite run out of versions of Taskmaster to watch, and the new season of the prime show has been superb. Avenue 5 and Abbott Elementary have also been pleasant surprises, and we finally finished the latest (and hopefully not final) season of The Orville. And, of course, though my reading may have slowed down with the aforementioned internal balances issue, I continue to game master a Star Trek RPG and have thoroughly enjoyed continuing to read up on the First Splinter Timeline, as well as Star Wars Legends. I should probably slip some non-franchise books somewhere in my reading, too...

Wishing you all a pleasant new season, the nature of which (the season, not the well-wishing) being dependent on your hemisphere,


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