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März Angrifft!

Yeah, it's a "Mars Attacks" pun. In German. That probably doesn't even work. Anyway... March has been a weird one. I finished the rough draft of the final entry in Future's Birth, but rather than celebrating my brain has apparently decided to deactivate. I've been poking at things other than writing, but largely taking it a bit easier, trying to let my brain recover. We'll see how it goes! In the meantime, new chapters of Sanctuary of Shrouds keep going up on Patreon. We're still shooting for a May/June release, and we've got things just about finalized to be sending out early copies to patrons soon! And yeah, been watching a lot of Star Trek, as I try to take things easier. Enterprise is...growing on me. A bit clumsy at times, but there's still a lot to like. I've also nearly finished the A Time To... series before I continue on with the Splinter Timeline post-Destiny. I feel like that's what I'm more excited about! I've also started in on Young Jedi Knights, which is delightful, and have finally gotten back around to Stephen R. Lawhead's Pendragon Cycle. I was a bit confused to find that the third book feels like the finale...but there are two/three more to go? We'll see! Oh, and finally trying out the Justice League Adventures comics based on the cartoon from my childhood has been most enjoyable. Beyond that, I'll be getting around to further drafts of Future's Birth Volume Nine hopefully soon, getting that one ready to start releasing on Patreon and a full release next year. The beginning of the end is upon us! April awaits. Seth

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