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Feb Fastness

Four weeks and no change, except on leap years. I guess that happened again? I’m quite sure I did things, but especially for a shorter month I don’t really seem to recall them until I sit down to reminisce upon the abbreviated calendar page that was.

First off, progress was certainly made on personal endeavors, even if any works going up on TikTok and such are from previous efforts. Oh, right. I have one of those now, because…authors are supposed to, I gather? I do think it’s helped me to streamline the process of posting around the various social media, at least, but I do think I understand this new terrain even less than the other platforms on which I market and interact.

Chapters of Sanctuary going up on Patreon are certainly carrying the story into new territories, as well! And, as of this week, I’ve finished recording the audiobook for said eighth volume chronicling the exploits of the Heroes of Dragon’s Nest. Now I’ve just got the pesky job of editing the thing into something suitable for human ears. Production on all fronts is on track to have simultaneous release of Sanctuary across all formats in the coming months, though! This, while I continue chipping away at the daunting effort that is the rough draft for book nine, the world-changing (my fake one, don’t worry) finale of the series. Al. Most. There.

On the consumer front, I’ve been enjoying giving Lady Trent, one of my wife’s favorite series, a read. And, of course, I continue with my Star Wars Legends and Star Trek Splinter Timeline (re)readings. I’m currently visiting the early days of the Solo children as Jedi and popping back to the A Time To… series that leads up to Star Trek Nemesis, after experiencing the superb Destiny trilogy. I’ve also discovered that there were apparently comics in continuity with the old Justice League/Unlimited cartoons I loved as a youngster. Research seems overdue.

Looking ahead, the year’s had a bit of a shaky start for me, as I know it has for many others, but I believe there’s much good left for us all to do from here. May we have the courage and tenacity to give it a go! Seth

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