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Through the Valley

All right, as we check in at the end of July, Valley of Renewal, the final entry in Future's Birth, has nearly completed its run on Patreon, with the wide release on track for the end of August! Early copies look good (along with the fancy new world map inside), and all I should have left to do is finish up editing the audiobook files. The end is nigh! Rejoice, I guess? Admittedly, I'll be glad for a bit of a break once the series concludes. I'd honestly forgotten how much goes into publishing four- to five-hundred page books within three months of each other. Decidedly un-picnic-ish. Hats off to fellow authors who somehow keep up that kind of turnaround on a near-constant basis! But also...maybe I think you're a little crazy. The first book in my next series is still on track for release next year, though, once I've managed to catch my creative breath. I know many people are sick of multiverse stories, but, as things may begin to shift that way in 2024, please believe that I'm not as good at bandwagoning as it may appear. Such plans have been in place for nearly a decade. I'm just a slow-burn kind of guy, or something. Anyway, I haven't been reading or gaming as much as I'd like with my nose so firmly applied to the ol' grindstone, but I have enjoyed starting the Conquerors trilogy by Timothy Zahn, as well as slowly continuing through Temeraire and the Stars Trek and Wars. Maybe some more Pathfinder will even finally be played on the forthcoming week of vacation, depending on how reclusive my brain is feeling. I know, I know. Everyone'll be done with Baldur's Gate III by the time I pick it up. I just like tend to prefer finishing one game (or even book or show) before picking up another. Such is my "curse". Wishing you all productive and relaxing Augusts, as needed, Seth

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