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'23 1/3

So, that's a good chunk of the year gone. I suppose if that's to be considered the bad news, however, the good news is that the best of the year (so far as Riverbank Publishing is concerned) is decidedly yet to come! First up, May is the month in which Sanctuary of Shrouds draws to a close in its run of weekly chapters over on Patreon. For anyone wanting to slip in under the wire to snag a copy of the finished book in the format of your choice, now would be the time! Second, without giving too much away, Rachel and I are hatching plans that will hopefully result in another release from Riverbank before the year is out. Let's just say, if you've been waiting for a good time to jump into Future's Birth, you may not wish to lollygag! There might also be plans for other, long-gestating series to see the light of day, sooner rather than later. As for what's been going into my brain, as opposed to spilling out of it, I've begun my Temeraire adventure with great delight! If you're the type of person who likes well-written fantasy with a classical feel (plus dragons during the Napoleonic Wars) this'll be something for you to check out! I've also finally back-filled all the recommended reading prior to the excellent Destiny trilogy and am now forging ahead in the Splinter Timeline of Star Trek. Still loving it. Also some more Young Jedi Knights, finishing up with Pendragon, and throwing in some much-needed levity by throwing on some classic episodes of Would I Lie to You? Seriously, bless British game shows. Wishing you all a productive and joyous May, amid whatever strife the world may place in our paths. Seth

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