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Valley of Renewal

The Final Volume of Future's Birth
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If you passed S. J. Saunders on the street, you’d probably feel the urge to inquire about his ability to play basketball.  Oh, right, he's pretty tall. Anyway, to get that out of the way, his only tactic in the game is to plant himself beneath the net and hope to score a point or two by sheer proximity. But enough about sports, our kitten overlords be praised. Saunders writes books covering the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and other adjacent topics. When he manages to finish one, he publishes it, and interested parties from across the planet click on fancy buttons to indicate their willingness to provide financial compensation in order to receive said books. Then, some time later, their happy little faces will light up all the happier when the paged item materializes on their doorstep, and they proceed to scan the words they discover within with their eyeballs to ingest the meanings thereof. Others simply get the ebook for more immediate ingesting. Whatever your preferred method, Saunders hopes you find enjoyment in what his brain has synaptified into existence.

Future's Birth

Nest of Intrigue

Isle of Storms

Keep of Shadows

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Future's Birth

Novelettes & Short Stories

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Nimeroth - Perceive

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Novelettes & Short Stories

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Atalan Legends


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